Hi Loves!

Ever feel like you have no in between from total bum in your comfiest sweats... to completely dolled up?!  Hopefully you’re right there with me because this is me. to. a. “TEA”! Big girlie girl at heart and it shows in most everything I do. 

By day, I work for a food brokerage firm where I get to represent our amazing food manufacturers and then take my product expertise and knowledge out to my local North Carolina restaurants. I get the pleasure of meeting talented chefs and business owners every day while cooking up and tasting delicious food. I mean, HOW is this a real job?!

By night, I take my “work” home with me and cook up anything I can think of for my little family. I also take a lot of pride in making my house a home; I guess it’s a southern thing…or probably just a girl thing! :) You can find me online shopping for the cutest flowing maxi dresses (your girl is tall, 5’10”!), browsing Pinterest for decor inspiration, or trying to figure out how to outsmart my two pups. In this last year, however, my passions have expanded. 

I’m Courtney, your 27-year-old North Carolina native, creator of Southern to a Tea. I’m currently enjoying my newlywed year with my husband Ryan and all the puppy cuddles from our two German Shepherds, Rocky and Sasha. Btw, forever puppies is a thing...even if they do weigh 140 pounds combined! 

I hope to share with you lots of tips and tricks I’ve acquired so far, in hopes you’ll share some right back with me! My favorite thing is passing on knowledge and learning something new every day. My first taste of this happened as a girl when I received a hand-written cookbook from my Mamaw. She compiled all of her tried and true family recipes and then took it a step further by suggesting which holidays to make each dish for. This amazingly southern woman was far ahead of her time. That cookbook, is by far, my most prized possession! It also gifted me the idea for this blog, a fun space where I can bring together and share all of my favorites; food, style, travel, design, and all things domestic-ish!

My dreams, day and night, are constantly filled with the desire to see the world. Like any girl who’s lived in one state her entire life, I’ve always wanted to travel. Determined, last year I threw out all excuses and booked a flight headed straight towards dreamy Italy. Life changer! Officially having caught the travel bug, I’ve never looked back! So far, 4 countries traveled in just a year and many more on the way! Stay tuned for HUGE surprises!!

So so excited to have you along for the ride… now, let’s have some fun!

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